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Opening of the Inter-American Court’s Case Law regarding Human Rights of Women for non-lawyers in Central America Basic Course


San José, Costa Rica, September 22, 2021.- Yesterday, the opening of the Basic Course on the Case Law of the Inter-American Court regarding Human Rights of Women, organized by the Inter-American Court, thanks to the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, San Salvador, took place.

This Basic Course has a duration of five weeks, from September 21 to October 21, 2021, during which a total of 10 sessions will be held, including 8 practical modules, a panel with experts from the Inter-American System, and a discussion with the President of the Inter-American Court, Judge Elizabeth Odio Benito. These last two activities will be open to the public and broadcast on the Court's social media.

As part of this project, the Inter-American Court is also developing a Basic Self-Training Course on the Inter-American Court’s Case Law regarding human rights of women, which will be available on the Court's website in November 2021.

The Basic Courses of the Inter-American Court are a training initiative aimed at individuals from public institutions and civil society organizations who work in different areas of human rights and have a non-legal professional background. Over 1,700 applications were received for this third Basic Course, with 150 non-lawyers from Central America being selected.