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The Court is made up of seven Judges and Judges, nationals of the OAS member states. The OAS Secretary General requests the States parties to the Convention to present a list with the names of their candidates for Judges of the Court. Each State party may propose up to three candidates, nationals of the State that proposes them or of any other member State of the Organization.

The Judges and the Judge are elected in a personal capacity by the States parties, by secret ballot and by an absolute majority of votes, during the OAS General Assembly immediately prior to the expiration of the mandate of the outgoing Judges and Judges.

In the Order of Precedence: Judge Nancy Hernández López, President; Judge Rodrigo Mudrovitsch, Vice President; Judge Humberto Antonio Sierra Porto; Judge Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor Poisot; Judge Ricardo C. Pérez Manrique; Judge Verónica Gómez and Judge Patricia Pérez Goldberg.


Judge Name Country Position Information
Nancy Hernández López Costa Rica President Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Rodrigo Mudrovitsch Brazil Vice President Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Humberto Antonio Sierra Porto Colombia Judge Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor Poisot Mexico Judge Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Ricardo C. Pérez Manrique Uruguay Judge Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Verónica Gómez Argentina Judge Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English
Patricia Pérez Goldberg Chile Judge Resume: Spanish | Portuguese | English