Systematization of the resolutions of provisional measurements issued by the I/A Court


This document was done by the Secretariat of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. (Only in Spanish).

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Press Releases

Court orders the publication in its website of information presented at the stage of monitoring compliance with judgment

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San José, Costa Rica, June 11, 2019. – Today Court Agreement no. 1/19 has been notified- The Agreement specifies some aspects related to the publication of information contained in the case files at the monitoring stage of compliance with the Judgment. The Agreement recognizes the interest shown by academia, non-governmental organizations, and other members of civil society in participating in the execution of the judgments and promotes the involvement of organs, human rights institutions and national courts in compliance with the judgments issued by the Court, being this involvement particularly relevant with regard to those reparations that constitute guarantees of non-repetition.

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Multimedia Galery


The Multimedia Gallery include all photographies and all videos of hearings and activities of the Court.
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